Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random summer Days

(my dream back yard) ;-) Dallas Arboretum
Fort Worth cattle walk..... hook 'em horns!
All my family came to Dallas during the summer, Nina, Addy, Kenzy, Chase, Isiac, Zack, Micha, Ethan, + Alexis and Ciara did not come. I love being around all the kids, they are the Best
We took a trip to Phoenix Arizona to check it out there, and decided to take a detour to California for the weekend. (Jared and I at Balboa Island)
(Mary's) Lake in Flagstaff Arizona


Mcbride Family said...

AHHHH! YAY! New Post! Couple things- You are just beautiful. Looking at that picture with all the kids, I can totally tell who some of the kids' parents were, lol, so cute how some children look just like their parents.
Next thing, Love all the pictures. Katie looks just like your mom in that pic. I have never thought that before. But she does! SHe is gorgeous. I miss Katie.
Next, all those pictures made me miss you so much. You are so cute Mar. I can't wait to see you next month!

Anne Jerman said...

hey! So, I'm ready for an update on the bebe!! ;)

Tanner - Est. 2002 said...

whoops! This is Jill (tanner) I commented from my parents comp.!! Ha, ha!!! Oh, that's funny! My mom is Anne Jerman! Sorry about the possible confusion! :) But, I am ready for an update you guys!! :)